Developer Documentation

Building the documentation


To be able to build the documentation, the following softwares are required:

On a Mac, Sphinx and Matplotlib can be installed through Macports:

$ sudo port install py27-sphinx py27-matplotlib

To be able to add bibtex references, you need the sphinxcontrib-bibtex software. The numpydoc module allows the use of human readable documentation markings that are still able to be processed by sphinx. Installing both of these extensions can be easily done using the following command:

$ sudo pip install sphinx-bootstrap-theme sphinxcontrib-napoleon sphinxcontrib-bibtex

And that’s it, your should now be able to build the documentation.

Making the build

To build the documentation, go to the doc folder and execute:

$ make html

This should execute sphinx and the documentation should be generated in the doc/build directory. To open the documentation:

$ open buid/html/index.html

Documentation guidelines

The documentation style followed in cosmicpy is taken from the Numpy documentation. Guidelines for the documentation are discussed here. An example is provided by Numpy in

Testing cosmicpy

A test module is included in cosmicpy to check the results of the computations.

Testing against iCosmo

A testing suite is implemented to compare cosmicpy against iCosmo. If you have iCosmo installed, you can save a cosmology structure into an IDL save file using the following commands:

$ idl

In cosmicpy, the function to test the cosmology in implemented in cosmicpy.tests.icosmo.check_cosmology():

In [1]: import cosmicpy.tests.icosmo as test

In [2]: test.check_cosmology('icosmo.xdr')
FLRW Cosmology with the following parameters:
    h:        0.7
    Omega_b:  0.045
    Omega_m:  0.25
    Omega_de: 0.75
    w0:       -0.95
    wa:       0.0
    n:        1.0
    tau:      0.09
    sigma8:   0.8

Comparing derived constants :
    parameter:        [icosmo] |       [cosmicpy] |            diff | relative error in percents
    Omega_k  :        0.000000 |        0.000000 |        0.000000 | 0.00%
    gamma    :        0.135207 |        0.135207 |        0.000000 | 0.00%
    sh       :      105.273820 |      105.273820 |        0.000000 | 0.00%

Comparing evolved quantities, maximum relative error:
    Radial Comoving Distance  :  2.27991896578e-08
    Angular Diameter Distance :  2.27991896578e-08
    Hubble constant           :  2.31725750094e-16
    Omega_m(a)                :  4.23296149845e-16
    Omega_de(a)               :  3.50323656321e-16
    dzdr                      :  4.0784692469e-16

Comparing linear power spectra
Maximum relative error on linear power specrum : 0.000379879249849